• Asset management;

  • Specialist in investment placement, according to the nature and situation of the client.


Our network at your service

    • metier finance conseilWe ensure that your Wealth is protected and managed in an optimal way. We work with both a local and an international network of experts who are recognized in their fields of expertise;

    • This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to offer expert advice in all the related domains: banking, commercial, financial, fiscal, real estate, legal, inheritance or integrated insurance products.


The key stages of our approach

  • We examine the offshore structure of your portfolio in order to anticipate its likely legal and fiscal evolution. For those who intend to declare these holdings via voluntary disclosure programs, we propose effective solutions, adapted to your specific situation;

  • We ensure that your portfolio is focused on the performance of today's markets and we then combine this sensibly with your needs and future objectives;

  • Finally we revise the composition of your investment portfolio to reduce expenses and finally construct an optimized portfolio based essentially on capital gains in view of providing Tax-efficient management.


Benefit from transparent pricing, budgeted services, fees directly negotiated by LGH FS with its various service providers

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