The aim of this Certificate is to offer an annualized return in CHF of 5 to 7%, without the investor having to bear all the risk of the equity market. On the contrary, the certificate uses periods of decline to earn income from the sale of options whose price is proportional to the volatility that increases in these circumstances. Companies with excellent fundamentals, for example, are unfairly dragged down by the fall of the financial markets.

Structured products like barrier reverse convertibles within the certificate create a shock-absorbing effect while generating attractive revenues. Purchasing structured products in the secondary market is also extremely attractive as traditional investors ignore this market. For example, we identify structured products that trade at a discount of 10% to 15% compared to their issue price even though the prices of the underlying securities are still far from their barrier level.

The certificate also benefits from the income of the high-dividend securities that make it up.

Transactions within the Certificate are made under substantially more favorable brokerage conditions than those to which private investors are subject to their bank.

The strict selection of the components of the Certificate is based on more than twenty years of experience in fundamental research and is validated by a quantitative analysis filter.

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