The expression "tailor-made service" takes here all its sense !

  • strategie de conformite fiscaleIn 2009, the Swiss Federal Council adopted its strategy of fiscal transparency. Under the directives of the OECD and G20, foreign customers (in particular North American and European customers) were not spared. These regular customers, to whom Banks had promised the concept of “Banking Secrecy” for life, were simply left to themselves.
    We would like to prepare Swiss citizens for this new fiscal transparency era, and give them the opportunity to act fast so as not to face the same pressure!

  • Thanks to our accumulated expertise in Asset Management and advice to entrepreneurs, we make every effort to succeed in finding objective solutions for the important decisions in your life.

  • Over time, we have acquired the experience which has given us our known credibility and in particular, the loyalty of our customers. This constitutes our greatest success. The expression "tailor-made service" takes here all its sense. Our added value is based on our ability to nurture a long-term privileged relationship with our clients, based on trust, in order to reach the ultimate goal: The Creation of Wealth.

If you have a financial situation/position that was considered normal by Banks in the 1980s but is considered at risk today, contact us to assess your risk position and define an action plan to resolve the situation/position promptly!

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