Your objectives:

  • Independent advice from an external expert that has no conflicts of interest and ensures the Portfolio Manager and/or Bank you use puts your interests first

  • Benefit from professional advice in order to verify at all times that your Portfolio Manager/Bank manages your Wealth based on the objectives that you set and within the risk profile you have chosen

  • Be accompanied by an external advisor to validate your investment decisions, asset allocation and risk profile

  • Be advised proactively when changes are to be made on your investment strategy or when to buy or sell securities

  • A third party opinion to determine how to decrease your banking costs, whether by renegotiating better fees with the Bank or by helping you in changing your Bank.


The analysis and optimization mandate meets your objectives !

It helps you improve the performance of your portfolio :

  • By improving the quality in the monitoring of the positions within the portfolio and avoiding negligence by the Portfolio Manager/Bank and/or abuses such as excessive portfolio churning or excessive amounts of -in-house- financial products.

  • By seeking to reduce Bank costs, including the hidden costs, which are often a significant component of the underperformance of portfolios.

In a first step, LGH FS will analyze your risk profile, your investment objectives and your financial situation in order to understand your needs and objectives, as well as to validate your risk profile.

In a second step, LGH FS will analyze your current banking configuration, including:

  • The Bank(s) used

  • The person(s) involved in managing the portfolio (relationship manager, assistant, advisor, etc.)

  • The chosen investment strategy (risk profile, expected volatility of the investment portfolio and the securities contained within)

  • The total banking costs that you incur (management fees, transactional fees, custody fees, account maintenance fees, forex costs, etc) as well as the hidden fees

  • Past performances (adequacy with the risk profile, adequacy with the benchmarks)

  • The tax efficiency (or lack thereof) of the portfolio management (tax considerations must be taken into account when managing assets).

Gestionnaire de fortune SuisseIn a third step, LGH FS, will propose corrective measures if the current situation is not in line with your goals, especially in terms of risk profile, investment strategy, asset allocation or tax efficiency in the way assets are managed.

Subsequently, LGH FS will regularly monitor your portfolio(s) to ensure they evolve in line with the goals you have set. Any deviation will be communicated to discuss issues that need to be remediated.

A self-paid service :
With a goal to reduce your bank expenses, LGH FS will help you renegotiate your banking fees.

No need to change anything :
Sometimes the simple fact of having an external advisor will help bring benefits without having to change anything in your banking configuration. You do not need to change bank account, bank cards or persons of contact.

No additional documents need to be signed with the Bank. The analysis and optimization mandate is a simple consultancy agreement between you and LGH FS.

Documents required for the preliminary analysis:

  • Portfolio statements with historical performances

  • Bank advices with management fees, transaction costs, banking fees, custody and administration fees

  • Client objectives and expectations


Fees/analysis fees

We can be mandated for a one-off analysis and portfolio review.However, a monitoring over time will be more effective.


Annualized fees for an analysis and optimization mandate:
Below 1 million to be evaluated according to the work to be carried out,
0.4% p.a. from 1 to 5 million, 0.25% p.a. from 5 million to 10 million, 0.15% p.a. more than 10 million

Analysis of a one-off file: 1st interview free of charge and without commitment,
Standard file: CHF 550 HT package,
Complex file: CHF 280 HT per hour

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