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How many times a week do we think to ourselves “it's time to put some order into these matters”?

Our Bank, our insurances, our accountant, our real estate agent, our various advisors and friends continuously send us information and requests. What do we do with it? We are more and more involved in our professional and private lives and the new communication tools seem to accentuate the constraints when we thought they would help us manage everything.

All of a sudden, your paperwork has pilled up:

  • Bank proposals, (investment products that might interest us);
  • Bank entries (Expense statements, debit advices, credit notices, etc.);
  • Credit renewal on your house;
  • Insurance offers;
  • New Tax returns to be completed;
  • Renovation of the house, proposals from the architect, the client, specifications of craftsmen;
  • Legal conflicts with neighbors, a client, a partner;
  • Etc.

And you think to yourself that you would like to:

  • Profit from profitable investments while perfectly controlling the risks;
  • Ensure you have the best risk cover (accidents, disability, death);
  • Optimize your tax situation;
  • Ensure your house is only a pleasure to live in;
  • Regularize the undisclosed assets you have just inherited.

But how can you be formally convinced that all these steps answer your exact needs?

With us, define a simple and effective way of managing your business!

Identify the needs:

We will team up!

By starting with an exchange of ideas, listening to your concerns and explaining the various problems you have to face (sometimes complicated by institutions, in order to enhance the value of their products), we clarify the individual needs in order to allow you to understand clearly the stakes and to come to the best strategic choices.

A structure comparable to a Family Office:

In order to meet all of the stated challenges, we have developed pragmatic and effective solutions.

To do this, we have set up a structure comparable to a "human-sized" Family Office. This organization can easily be compared to the wealth management of wealthy individuals.

Global vision and monitoring function

The interest of the concept of Family Office is the concept of global and integrated management. The management of LGH is not limited to the only assets that you entrust us with, but we include in our reflection all of your assets as well as your professional and private issues.

But concretely, how does it work?

A team of specialists

You imagine yourself at the head of a team made up of several bank employees (asset managers, financial analysts, credit managers, SME managers and large companies), a real estate expert, a tax expert, a lawyer, an insurer and a financial planner, all ready to respond effectively and reassuringly to your concerns.

This multidisciplinary approach allows you to obtain top-of-the-line advice in banking, commercial, financial, real estate, tax, legal, estate planning.

We thus offer you personalized advice regardless of your profile and your wealth to help you ensure a coherent and global management of your affairs.


Pricing is adapted to the needs and nature of the advice and services we provide.

Fees are calculated as a percent of the assets managed or are calculated on an hourly basis. Thanks to the LGH network, you will benefit from prices negotiated with various service providers.

Our pricing is transparent. We help you find the right people to bring you real added value at a reasonable cost.

Our prices are always known in advance. It is budgeted, negotiated for all our customers (economy of scale) and transparent.

Clearly, it's time to put things in order. And we will help you achieve that !

Laurent Hauswirth, Founder & CEO - LGH Financial Strategy

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