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A structure comparable to that of the great fortunes

Based on Laurent Hauswirth’s experience, we have set up a structure allowing customers with smaller portfolios to benefit from a similar service to those offered by ones with a more diversified background/history. This facilitates the optimization of his clients’ investment performance, while simultaneously reducing their risk exposures. (DO YOU WANT TO EXPLAIN HOW?)


Our network including the following stakeholders :

  • wealth managers
  • financial analysts
  • portfolio managers
  • funds managers
  • Hedge Funds managers
  • Private Equity managers
  • credit managers (for mortgage loans and commercial credit)
  • insurers and financial planners (for integrated insurance products and pensions)
  • real estate experts (for brokerage, rental and administrative management)
  • fiscal experts
  • lawyers

offers our clients quality coaching advice.

Ours solutions as well as our products are the result of the collective skills, talents and experiences of leading experts in their respective fields.

Our fees are formulated as follows :

  • transparent pricing
  • budgeted services and
  • fees negotiated directly by LGH FS with its various service providers

all our clients can benefit from our structure without any impact on their existing relationships with their bankers or any other providers.

Benefit from transparent pricing, budgeted services, fees directly negotiated by LGH FS with its various service providers

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