Wealth management

An approach that favors transparency and easy understanding

LGH Financial Strategy manages the wealth portfolios of its customers in a simple and effective way. In a world that is becoming more complex, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to personally manage your assets without the help of a third party.

We identify ourselves with each of our customers. Together, we define their needs and reduce any complexity as we favor transparency and simple understanding.

Once the stakes are defined, we surround ourselves with renowned and competent partners to reach these goals.

In summury:

Specialties :

  • The customer is in the center of our concerns - understanding the stakes and the decision-making support ;
  • A structure dedicated to our customers - we are a small-medium sized enterprise ;
  • Together with our recognized partners, we find useful services and products ;
  • We then connect the specialist and the expert of the domain who will best solve our clients' needs.

A different approach from the bigger financial institutions :

  • Global vision: LGH takes care of all its customers affairs, directly or indirectly. LGH makes sure to put itself in the customers shoes, working together to achieve the objectives (the bank is specialized in the management of a securities portfolio, commercial or real estate credit, etc.).
  • LGH highlights the problems, and translates any needs so that our customer can easily understand the stakes at hand. At the end of the day, our customer is able to make a fair assessment and validate his decision.
  • LGH accumulates a variety of skills and is equipped to address any challenges that its clients may face.

Benefit from transparent pricing, budgeted services, fees directly negotiated by LGH FS with its various service providers

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How many times a week do we think to ourselves “it's time to put some order into these matters”?

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